Strategic Qualitative Market Research
and Consulting
Since 1996

Barbara Rugen, Ph.D.
Research Consultant

"You really did a good job probing for insights and deeper understanding to help answer our business questions."

Research Manager
The Procter & Gamble Company

Barbara Rugen, Ph.D.

Welcome! Here's how I provide actionable results that enable you to target the right markets in the right way to enhance profitability...

THE GIVENS. I provide– what you expect from any good qualitative researcher

  1. Mission - help businesses attract, retain and leverage customer loyalty.
  2. Capabilities - identify unmet consumer needs, innovation opportunities and communication processes to achieve desirable impact on the target audiences

EXPERTISE. Since opening Audience Impact Research in 1996 I have ...

  1. Contributed to clients' successes within their organization by learning about their businesses and developing strong partnership with them
  2. Provided actionable marketing insights to some of the world's most demanding and sophisticated companies such as Brown-Forman, General Electric Lighting, General Motors, The Procter & Gamble Company, Samsung, and Xerox Corporation See a longer list of clients.
  3. Wrote the book on best practices in qualitative marketing research, QUALITATIVE MARKETING RESEARCH: AN INTERACTIVE APPROACH (2014), acclaimed as user-friendly and comprehensive
  4. Tackled special challenges that stimulated a high level of interpersonal and organizational skills: led 106 moderators in 145 city-wide conversations to confront Cincinnati’s racial divide; taught qualitative research to young women and men in Saudi Arabia; turned around a bankrupt business in a marginalized community in Africa.

I invite you to read WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about this expertise and continued professional growth in the pages of this website.

"I want to extend my thanks for your work on our worldwide design validation. Your expertise was invaluable in designing and conducting the studies. Further, you were adaptable, timely, cost effective and a great partner. Your efforts will be reflected in our next generation of products. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Manager, Industrial Design/Human Interface
Xerox Corporation

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